Post 2-History of the Internet

History of the Internet-Ethan Zuckerman


I liked this video because it talked about how the internet is used to communicate/to talk to one another. The sole purpose of the creation of the internet was to connect, and I liked how Zuckerman brought that up. The timelines were extremely informative as well.

Nerds 2.0.1-Timeline


Honestly, I didn’t know a lot of the details from this timeline. Specifically that there was funding provided by the Air Force given to Paul Baron for  block switching network  to protect communications during an nuclear war & that the Queen of England sent an e-mail in 1976.

The Internet a Decade Later


I always find it interesting looking at early internet usage compared to how it is now, and the statistics are always mind blowing. The fact that we use the internet in everyday life now compared to 12 years ago is amazing. I learned specifically that in 2002 9.1% of the population used the internet compared to 33% in 2012. It also took 12.5 minutes to download a song in 2002. Compared to today’s 18 second downloads, where I get anxious after the first 5 seconds thinking something is wrong because it’s taking, “so long” to download. Incredible.

The First Website

I liked seeing this because it gives perspective on how the internet has grown. It looks a lot like my first ever attempt at HTML coding too, so that’s pretty comforting.

The Evolution of the Web

The visuals as a whole were enough of a learning experience for me. It’s incredible that we can create something like this timeline now when it was unheard of 10-10 years ago. I liked seeing that the ‘drag and drop’ feature was created around 2008 and that Safari was released in 2003.

How Search Engines Work

I actually learned about Spiders last semester! I found it fascinating that there’s a way to comb through the internet and find the most visited and most frequently returned-to sites on the internet and be able to compile them into a search engine site.

Get More out of Google

I had no idea that anything after a dash is excluded from the google search! That’s vital info! I also tend to ask google a lot of questions, and apparently that’s not a sufficient search tactic. Who knew?

On Twitter:

I followed Hunger Magazine because for some reason I wasn’t following them before.  I said that I wanted to eventually work for them in my about me post, so it’s a bit strange that I wasn’t following them. I also started following the AP Stylebook because I will always need that in my profession &, once again, I didn’t realize I wasn’t already following them. Since I’m already following Sugarscape, I decided to follow Vogue as a fallback. I follow Vogue UK, but now I’m following Vogue US. I need as many backups as I can!









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